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Spontaneous is my middle name – you never know what I could be up to next. Don’t miss any of my content or performances by subscribing to my emails and getting live notifications, so you always know when I’m up to no good!

    Romanian Blonde Beauty, Fashion Model and Social Media Influencer

    Hi guys, I’m Miruna Milu, aka Ema Karter! If you’re on Instagram, you’ve probably seen me before. I’m that hot girl from Bucharest, Romania who rose to fame promoting taboo topics on television and the internet. I like shaking things up, looking sexy and drawing attention to myself, even if it sometimes gets me into trouble. In countries such as mine, it’s not always easy to talk about sex. Hopefully, though, more and more people will start to have an open mind about their bodies and sexualities.

    I began my career as an adult actress and exclusive content creator, reaching the status of well-known celebrity in the adult industry. Naturally, I love to entertain and please fans with passionate nude photography and modeling. And I’m pretty good at it, too!

    When I’m not creating hot content, I like working out at the gym and relaxing at home. I also love animals! My favorite activities include meeting cool people, trying new things and exploring collab opportunities with other models.

    Follow me as I aim to become one of the most popular and successful adult content creators in the world. Let’s do it together. Let me be your naughty fantasy!

    Ema Karter